We built an $11M business and managed to lose the lot! You will learn  from our mistakes the things you need to be successful in business and how to protect your investment

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Moment of Impact

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Why did we write this book?

We wanted to empower business owners to take control of their business and be as successful as they want to be.

Being good at what you do is totally different to being good at the business of selling and marketing what you do.

We learnt how to be good at what we did and how to be good at business and we became so good at it that we took our eye off the ball and thought we were indestructible.

Our book gives a frank and honest description of our journey from hopelesspreneur to being industry leader outlining the lessons we learnt along the way that all business owners need to be aware of.

With the right attitude and the right help you can achieve the business goals you set for yourself, and let us provide you with advice and warn you of the dangers you will face at some point in your business life.

Our goal is to have no one suffer the same fate as us!

Only AUD$19.95 + $7.95 Postage and Handling

What You Will Learn

Take Immediate Control of Your Life and Business!

Moment of Impact is a true story of two entrepreneurs who built an $11.5 million dollar business then because they took their eye off the ball, lost everything. 
Now having rebuilt their lives, business and wealth from the financial collapse, international authors and business consultants Lorraine Brooks and Rob Duncan want to ensure that other entrepreneurs and business owners don’t suffer the same fate. 
Moment of Impact is jam packed full of business tips and strategies to ensure your business is successful and the wealth that you create is protected even if there is a moment of impact thrust upon you.
  • How we built a multi-million dollar business and how you can too 
  •  How to choose the right advisors who can protect your wealth 
  •  A complete step-by-step system to ensure that your business succeeds no matter what industry you are in
  •  How to Breakthrough Uncertainty and Hesitation and Take Definitive Action in both life and business 
  •  The untold steps you need to know to avoid the business mistakes we made which cost us millions 
  •  How to thrive and survive in this new global competitive economy without risking it all 
  •  How to deal with adversity and put your life back together if you have a moment of impact

Only AUD$19.95 + $7.95 Postage and Handling